Scotts Reel Mower

The Scotts Reel Mower, renowned for its precise cutting mechanism, is a highly effective and environmentally friendly option for lawn care. It features a series of rotating blades that cut grass with a scissor-like action, leaving a clean, even finish that promotes healthy growth.

The genesis of the Scotts Reel Mower can be traced back to the late 19th century, when Edwin Budding invented the first mechanical lawn mower. Over the years, Scotts, a leading name in lawn care products, has refined and perfected the reel mower design, incorporating innovative features to enhance its performance and durability.

With its quiet operation and minimal emissions, the Scotts Reel Mower is an eco-conscious choice for homeowners seeking a sustainable approach to lawn maintenance. Additionally, the absence of rotating blades makes it safer for use around children and pets.

Scotts Reel Mower

The Scotts Reel Mower stands out as a premium choice for lawn care, offering a combination of precision, eco-friendliness, and durability. Here are five key aspects that define its effectiveness:

  • Precise Cutting:
  • Quiet Operation:
  • Eco-Conscious:
  • Safety Features:
  • Durability:

The reel mowing mechanism ensures a precise and even cut, promoting healthy grass growth. Its quiet operation makes it ideal for noise-sensitive areas, while its eco-conscious design minimizes emissions, contributing to a greener environment. Safety features, such as the absence of rotating blades, enhance its suitability for use around children and pets. Furthermore, Scotts Reel Mowers are renowned for their durability, providing years of reliable service.

Precise Cutting

The precise cutting capability of the Scotts Reel Mower is a key differentiator that sets it apart from other lawn mowers. This precision stems from the unique reel mowing mechanism, which utilizes a series of rotating blades that cut grass with a scissor-like action. This method provides several advantages:

  • Clean Cut, Healthy Lawn: The scissor-like cutting action results in a clean, even cut that promotes healthy grass growth. This is in contrast to rotary mowers, which can tear and shred grass blades, leading to a weakened lawn.
  • Reduced Thatch Buildup: Precise cutting minimizes the buildup of thatch, a layer of dead grass stems and roots that can suffocate the lawn and prevent water and nutrients from reaching the soil. Thatch reduction contributes to a healthier, more resilient lawn.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: A precisely cut lawn adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. The clean, even appearance creates a manicured look that enhances the visual impact of any outdoor space.
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The precision cutting capabilities of the Scotts Reel Mower are not only beneficial for the health and appearance of the lawn but also contribute to a more enjoyable mowing experience. The clean cut reduces the amount of grass clippings produced, minimizing the need for frequent cleanup and disposal.

Quiet Operation

The quiet operation of the Scotts Reel Mower is a significant advantage that enhances the overall mowing experience and contributes to a more peaceful outdoor environment.

  • Noise Reduction for User Comfort:

    Unlike traditional gasoline-powered mowers, the Scotts Reel Mower produces minimal noise, reducing disturbance to the user and nearby neighbors. This quiet operation allows for mowing at any time of day without causing excessive noise pollution.

  • Peaceful Outdoor Environment:

    The reduced noise levels contribute to a more serene and tranquil outdoor environment. This is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy spending time in their gardens or for properties located in noise-sensitive areas.

  • Wildlife Preservation:

    Loud noises can be disruptive to wildlife, particularly during nesting and breeding seasons. The quiet operation of the Scotts Reel Mower minimizes disturbance to local fauna, helping to preserve the natural balance of the ecosystem.

  • Enhanced Enjoyment:

    Mowing the lawn can be a relaxing and enjoyable task with the Scotts Reel Mower. The quiet operation allows users to appreciate the sounds of nature and engage in mindful gardening.

The quiet operation of the Scotts Reel Mower not only improves the mowing experience but also contributes to a more peaceful and harmonious outdoor environment. By reducing noise pollution, the mower allows for more enjoyable outdoor activities, preserves wildlife habitats, and fosters a sense of tranquility in the surrounding area.


The Scotts Reel Mower stands out as an environmentally friendly choice for lawn care, embodying the principles of sustainability through various aspects:

  • Zero Emissions:

    Unlike gasoline-powered mowers, the Scotts Reel Mower operates without emitting pollutants into the air. This eliminates harmful emissions that contribute to air pollution and climate change, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.

  • Reduced Noise Pollution:

    The quiet operation of the Scotts Reel Mower minimizes noise pollution, creating a more peaceful and tranquil outdoor environment. This reduction in noise levels not only enhances the mowing experience but also benefits wildlife and neighbors.

  • Conservation of Resources:

    By eliminating the need for gasoline and oil, the Scotts Reel Mower conserves valuable natural resources. This reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and promotes a more sustainable approach to lawn care.

  • Eco-Friendly Materials:

    The Scotts Reel Mower is constructed using durable and eco-friendly materials that minimize its environmental impact. These materials are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while remaining gentle on the environment.

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As an eco-conscious choice, the Scotts Reel Mower empowers homeowners to maintain healthy and beautiful lawns while contributing to a more sustainable future. Its zero emissions, reduced noise pollution, conservation of resources, and use of eco-friendly materials collectively make it an environmentally responsible option for lawn care.

Safety Features

The Scotts Reel Mower prioritizes safety, incorporating thoughtful features that minimize risks and enhance the overall mowing experience. Unlike rotary mowers, which utilize rapidly spinning blades, the Scotts Reel Mower employs a unique reel cutting system that eliminates the potential for blade-related injuries.

The absence of rotating blades makes the Scotts Reel Mower particularly suitable for use around children and pets. The enclosed reel housing prevents accidental contact with sharp blades, providing peace of mind during lawn care tasks. Additionally, the mower’s quiet operation reduces noise levels, creating a safer and more pleasant mowing environment.

Furthermore, the Scotts Reel Mower’s lightweight design and ergonomic handles enhance maneuverability and control. This reduces the risk of accidents or injuries due to excessive strain or fatigue during extended mowing sessions. The mower’s stability and ease of use contribute to a safer and more efficient lawn care experience.


The renowned durability of Scotts Reel Mowers is a testament to their exceptional construction and thoughtful design. Built to withstand the rigors of regular use, these mowers feature robust components and durable materials that ensure longevity.

The rugged steel frame provides a solid foundation for the mower, ensuring stability and resistance to bending or warping. High-quality bearings support the reel and wheels, minimizing friction and extending the mower’s lifespan. The durable cutting reel, made of heat-treated alloy steel, retains its sharpness longer, resulting in consistent cutting performance over many seasons.

Scotts Reel Mowers are designed to handle the challenges of diverse lawn conditions. Their sturdy construction allows them to navigate uneven terrain and mow through tall grass without compromising performance. The durable wheels provide excellent traction, ensuring maneuverability even on slopes or wet grass.

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Reel Mower Maintenance Tips

Reel mowers require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are five essential tips to keep your reel mower in top condition:

Sharpen the Blades Regularly: Sharp blades result in a clean, precise cut that promotes healthy grass growth. Sharpen the reel blades every 20-25 hours of use, or more frequently if you mow in abrasive conditions.

Lubricate Moving Parts: Lubrication reduces friction and wear on moving parts, extending the mower’s lifespan. Apply a light coating of oil to the reel bearings, wheels, and other moving components after each use.

Clean the Underside of the Mower: Grass clippings and debris can accumulate on the underside of the mower, impeding performance. Regularly clean the deck and housing to prevent blockages and ensure efficient cutting.

Adjust the Cutting Height: Set the cutting height according to the grass type and desired length. Adjust the height by raising or lowering the mower deck to achieve the optimal cut.

Store Properly: Store the mower in a dry, well-ventilated area when not in use. Cover the mower to protect it from dust and moisture.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your reel mower delivers a consistently superior cut and provides years of reliable service.


The Scotts Reel Mower stands out as an exceptional choice for eco-conscious homeowners seeking a precise, durable, and safe lawn care solution. Its reel cutting mechanism delivers a clean, healthy cut, while its quiet operation and zero emissions contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable environment. The mower’s sturdy construction and thoughtful safety features ensure longevity and peace of mind during use.

By investing in a Scotts Reel Mower, homeowners can achieve a manicured lawn while embracing eco-friendly practices. Its low maintenance requirements and durable design make it an investment in both a beautiful outdoor space and a greener future.

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