Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v

The Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v is a robust cordless lawn mower that will effectively tame your lawn. Featuring a brushless motor that delivers considerable torque and power, it effortlessly tackles challenging vegetation. Its 21-inch cutting deck ensures a wide mowing path, expediting the task of maintaining your outdoor space.

The breakthrough in battery technology allows for an extended runtime, and rapid charging capability minimizes downtime. Additionally, the ergonomic design provides a comfortable user experience, and the adjustable cutting heights enable you to achieve your desired lawn aesthetic.

This lawn mower is recommended for medium to large-sized lawns, where its combination of power, efficiency, and durability will make lawn care a breeze.

Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v

The Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v stands out with its exceptional features. Let’s delve into four key aspects that make this lawn mower a formidable choice:

  • Power: Brushless motor delivers ample torque and power to tackle dense grass effortlessly.
  • Battery: 60v battery offers extended runtime and rapid charging, minimizing downtime.
  • Cutting Deck: 21-inch cutting deck provides a wide mowing path, increasing efficiency.
  • Ergonomics: Designed with comfort in mind, reducing user fatigue during extended mowing sessions.

These key aspects collectively enhance the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v’s performance and user experience. The combination of power and efficiency makes it suitable for medium to large-sized lawns, while the ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation. Additionally, the extended runtime and rapid charging capabilities minimize interruptions during use, allowing you to complete the task swiftly and efficiently.


The brushless motor in the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v is a key component that drives its exceptional performance. This type of motor offers several advantages over traditional brushed motors, including:

  • Higher efficiency: Brushless motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy more efficiently than brushed motors, resulting in longer runtime and less wasted energy.
  • Increased power: Brushless motors generate more torque and power than brushed motors, allowing them to tackle dense grass and challenging mowing conditions with ease.
  • Extended durability: Brushless motors have a longer lifespan than brushed motors due to the absence of brushes, which are prone to wear and tear.
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Overall, the brushless motor in the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v contributes to its superior cutting performance, making it an ideal choice for maintaining healthy and lush lawns.


The 60v battery in the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience. Its extended runtime allows users to mow larger areas without interruption, increasing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the rapid charging capability minimizes downtime, ensuring that the mower is ready for use in a short amount of time.

The combination of extended runtime and rapid charging is particularly beneficial in situations where there is a large lawn to maintain or when time is limited. It eliminates the need for frequent battery swaps or lengthy charging breaks, enabling users to complete the task swiftly and conveniently.

The 60v battery is a key component that contributes to the overall effectiveness of the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v. Its ability to provide ample power for extended periods, coupled with the rapid charging capability, makes it an ideal choice for homeowners and professionals seeking a reliable and efficient lawn care solution.

Cutting Deck

The 21-inch cutting deck on the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v is a crucial component that significantly contributes to its overall efficiency. The wider cutting path allows the mower to cover more ground with each pass, reducing the time and effort required to mow a lawn.

The wider cutting deck is particularly advantageous in larger lawns, where it can significantly reduce the mowing time compared to mowers with narrower cutting decks. Additionally, the wider cutting path helps to create a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish, as it eliminates the need for excessive overlapping passes.

The combination of the 21-inch cutting deck and the powerful 60v motor in the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v results in a highly efficient mowing experience. The wider cutting path allows users to cover more ground quickly, while the powerful motor ensures that even dense grass is cut cleanly and effortlessly.

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The ergonomic design of the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v is a crucial aspect that enhances the user experience, particularly during extended mowing sessions. Ergonomics refers to the science of designing products that prioritize user comfort and efficiency. In the context of the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v, the ergonomic design manifests in several key features:

  • Adjustable handle: The adjustable handle allows users to customize the mower’s height to suit their individual preferences, reducing strain on the back and shoulders.
  • Soft-grip handles: The soft-grip handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.
  • Balanced weight distribution: The balanced weight distribution ensures that the mower is easy to maneuver and control, reducing user fatigue.

The combination of these ergonomic features significantly reduces user fatigue, making it possible to mow larger lawns or work for longer periods without experiencing discomfort or strain. This is particularly important for homeowners or professionals who regularly maintain large outdoor areas.

Overall, the ergonomic design of the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v is a testament to the manufacturer’s commitment to user comfort and satisfaction. By incorporating ergonomic principles into the design, the mower provides a more enjoyable and less fatiguing mowing experience.

Tips for Effective Lawn Care with a Cordless Electric Mower

Maintaining a healthy and visually appealing lawn requires proper care and maintenance. While a cordless electric mower like the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v can simplify the task, there are certain tips that can further enhance the mowing experience and results:

Tip 1: Mow Regularly: Consistent mowing encourages healthy grass growth and prevents the development of overgrown and unruly patches. Aim to mow your lawn every 5-7 days during the peak growing season.

Tip 2: Vary Mowing Patterns: Avoid mowing in the same direction every time. Varying the mowing pattern helps prevent ruts and promotes even grass growth.

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Tip 3: Adjust Mowing Height: Adjust the mowing height according to the grass type and season. Taller grass during summer helps shade the soil and retain moisture, while shorter grass during fall prepares it for winter dormancy.

Tip 4: Mulch Clippings: Consider mulching grass clippings instead of bagging them. Mulching returns nutrients to the soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

Tip 5: Keep Blades Sharp: Sharp mower blades provide a clean cut, reducing stress on the grass and promoting healthy growth. Regularly check and sharpen the blades as needed.

Tip 6: Water Deeply and Infrequently: Water the lawn deeply and infrequently rather than shallow and frequently. This encourages deep root growth and drought tolerance.

Tip 7: Fertilize Regularly: Fertilize your lawn according to soil test recommendations and grass type. Regular fertilization provides essential nutrients for healthy growth.

Tip 8: Control Weeds and Pests: Regularly inspect your lawn for weeds and pests. Address issues promptly using appropriate control measures to prevent damage and maintain a healthy lawn.

By following these tips, you can achieve a lush, healthy, and visually appealing lawn while maximizing the effectiveness of your cordless electric mower.


The Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v stands out as a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly cordless electric mower. Its robust brushless motor, extended runtime, wide cutting deck, and ergonomic design make it an ideal choice for maintaining medium to large-sized lawns.

When combined with proper lawn care practices, the Dewalt Lawn Mower 60v empowers homeowners and professionals to achieve a healthy, lush, and visually appealing lawn. Its combination of performance, convenience, and durability makes it a valuable investment for anyone seeking a reliable and effective lawn care solution.

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